Friday, March 15, 2013

Mind Games

When I read a book, I gauge it by how many times I can (i.e., want) to read it before I start skipping or getting bored. Most books I stop at one read, see no reason to continue. I usually don't buy something unless it's at least a two read.

Kiersten White's "Mind Games" is a four-read, which puts it easily up into the high four, low five range on a five point scale. I read it through, straight, four times and still liked it. On read five I found myself skipping and skimming. I still like it, but I know where all the good parts are.

Not surprisingly, Fia was my favorite of the characters. While I could empathize with Annie, she's far too credulous and more concerned about her own interests and feelings than about keeping in touch with her sister. Fia should have been able to confide in her, but instead Annie pushes her away and ignores the signs, unwilling to acknowledge that her beloved school might not be what it seems to be.

I think the way it's done, everyone who reads it will find a character they really like, one who fascinates them and who they want to follow. It might not be Fia or Annie; the other characters are almost as well developed. James, Adam, Eden, the teachers and even Mr. Keine.

The structure of the book was absolutely fascinating. It didn't feel like flashbacks at all, but more of two linked stories. I did get confused initially, but that's my own fault--it took me a while to start paying attention to the time stamps at the beginning of each chapter.

I read the Paranormalcy series a few weeks ago, and this one was better. Paranormalcy was a three read, the others two. Still great, and I gave them a four on Goodreads.

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