Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wyre-rat (Episode 3)

As a rat I couldn't precisely grin, but I did bare my teeth. I skittered across the ancient cobbles, launched myself at the first of my tormentors and used his body as a spring-board to get to the top of the wall behind the dumpster. From the wall to the roof. My claws scrabbled on the slick tiles of the roof but I was over and out of the alley before either of them could do more than gape.

I looked back from the peak of the roof. The two men argued quietly, but again I could not hear their words.

My claws didn't hold well to the slate and tiled roofs. I hung by my claws for a moment, then dropped into another alley.

I'd only been one stinking alley away from home when that stupid cat cornered me. In the dark before dawn I hurried along narrow alleys and across a single street, watching to make sure no one saw me.

At the back door to the hotel I shifted back to human and pushed the door open. Inside hung my heavy coat, right where I'd left it. I wrapped it around myself and slipped my feet into the waiting shoes, then walked up the stairs as if I was exhausted.

Which I was, honestly. Sleeping in a dumpster on top of a pile of garbage has never been my idea of a good time.

Episode 4

* * * * Author note: You may notice that this episode is shorter than the others. If you don't like the shorter format please let me know, but I decided to test it. The other seemed much too long for a blog post. If you want to start at the beginning: Wyre-Rat episode 1

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