Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wyre Rat (Part 12)

I sat, swishing my tail like a stupid cat, eyes half shut as I watched. No one came in and no one left. Some time after midnight I saw the first movement--three animals approached the big doors. A dog and two cats, it looked like, although the dog was small and furry.

The door swung open--not from either side, but from the middle. The animals walked in as if this was the most ordinary thing in the world.

So at least some of the wyre were not being held prisoner. Some worked with their captors.

One of the cats turned and looked back just before it walked through the doors, looked right at me.

Time to go.

I scuttled through the bushes, looking for any hint that I was seen or followed. This whole thing was looking more and more like a trap, probably set just for me.

I got back out to the main street and crept through the shadows away from that place. I had enough information, if I left now. They could send someone else in, infiltrate the place.

I scuttled back through the alleys and streets, lost myself. Not literally, but I ran around in enough circles to confuse anything but a 'bot. At a sound in the alley ahead of me I pressed myself against the wall, whiskers quivering. My ears shifted forward and back to pick up the sound if any humans approached.

Part 13

If you want to start at the beginning: Wyre-Rat episode 1


Sherry Ellis said...

Nice! Is this part of a middle grade novel?

Lauren said...

No. The MC is a spy (of a sort) and fully adult. She's a shape-shifter.

I am enjoying this story, although I have so many others going that I'm just doing enough to keep up with the blog.