Friday, August 29, 2014

Title Contest

I'm currently writing a book tentatively titled Let Go. Which used to be Let It Go, but now every time I hear that title I hear the Disney song. Bleh.

Let's have a contest for a new title. Let Go is a contemporary suspense, a sort-of prequel to Without A Voice. If you haven't read Without A Voice and would like to, let me know or go to your favorite retailer. Without A Voice is the story of Mae, a young woman running away from a crazy ex boyfriend. It takes place when she's in her mid twenties and is technically religious suspense. Let Go is the story of her mother, and starts when Mae runs away at the age of 14.

I know, it's not fantasy, but I felt strongly that I had to write these.

You can give me your title suggestions here, or on Facebook. I'll post the top five choices and let anyone who wants to put in their two bits.

The person who submits the winning title will get an e-copy of both books, Without A Voice immediately and the other once (eventual title here :) comes out. If you know other people who might be interested in playing, share the post or point them in this direction.

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