Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNo update 1

I got 9000 words today. I was hoping for 15k, but I don't think that's going to happen. Right now I am going to go take a nap.

Last year I worked up to 4000 words per day prior to NaNo. This time I didn't "warm up" so my writing muscles are screaming.

Excerpt from Axon:

"Exactly. Nationalism nearly destroyed our world, even before the collapse. Ania, can you give me a quote that supports this?"

Ania blinked at her, as if surprised. She didn't look to the side. "Nations must be abolished. We must come together under the banner of a shared humanity in order to stop the madness."

"Who said that?"

The other students stared at her, surprised that she would ask what everyone knew.

Since it was Ania she looked at, Ania answered. "Faber Milanoiaki. He gave us the peace after the collapse."

"You're close. Actually it was his wife Gina who said it first and the first Councilor always gave her the credit. She died in the second year of the collapse, killed by an assassin sent for the Councilor. Records indicate that the assassin was supported by Unistat, although they disclaimed all responsibility."

She looked around at her students. "Think of that. A single nation made a decision that could have destroyed any chance for a recovery from the collapse."

A light on one of the monitors indicated that Georg had a comment and she nodded to him. "Go ahead."

"They all feared him, so why limit it to one nation? It could have been Rus, Unistat, the Chin. Any of them. I looked at the records, and all we have is a statement by the first Councilor indicating that he thought it might have been Unistat."

Nix shook her head. "Regardless of who did it, it was nationalism. The idea of borders, the idea that people are different because of where and how they live, is one of the first fallacies that the great Councilor changed. Analysis of records captured from the Unistat databanks indicated it was them." He still looked skeptical.

"I've seen those records too," Anai commented. "In my analytics class last year. I see half a dozen ways that the information could have gone in another direction. All we know from that information is that Unistat knew who did it after the event."

Foolish girl. Most of Nix's co-teachers would have been confused, muttered and stuttered until they inadvertently supported the girl's delusions. "The Councilor had access to other information and he stated that it was Unistat. In any case, nationalism killed her. And the Councilor as well, later."

"It took more than a century to abolish nationalism," Priete commented. "And the nations fought every step of the way."

"Why would anyone fight against it?" Francis asked, his forehead furrowed in real confusion. "It's the only system that makes sense."

"But they didn't abolish nationalism." Ania smiled faintly and Nix began to wonder if the girl was doing this deliberately. "There are still a few nations that hold out."

How had the foolish child learned that? It wasn't common knowledge even among the elite of the university. A dangerous statement, and a dangerous situation she had put her teacher in.


Trisha F said...

That's a massive word count for day 1, anyway!

My record for winning NaNo was either on day 6 or day 9, can't remember which. But I tend to go a bit slower these days, even if I still sometimes end up with over 100k by the end. One year I wrote 2 novels, or at least 50k on each novel, during November, and finished them both off later. :)

Lauren said...

I'm slowing down. I'm almost to the middle and starting to wonder if the story even has the capacity to be a novel. We'll see.