There are three magical systems:

Spirit magic, primarily used by the native Ameso. It is loosely related to the natural magic of the world, but is a system of observance and ritual closely associated with the ameso religion.

Natural magic, outlawed and derided by those who use the power of the Bay. This is the power that flows naturally around us, the most obvious form flowing from living things. Since the two types of power (Natural and Demons Bay magic) are antagonistic, no one can use both. Few people are capable of using both.

Demon's Bay magic, which is power created by the corruption of the Demon's Bay. Demon's Bay magic gets stronger the closer you get to the shores of the Bay, but over time it spreads throughout the world. It is a mutagenic magic, nurtured by corruption. Only those whose ancestors have been touched by the Bay can use it (which eventually is most of the people in the world).

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