The world known as Irenio (the parent world) was colonized from Earth some time after the last of the race wars. The colonists determined that they wanted a complete split from Earth culture, so they isolated themselves and created their culture and world from scratch--language, traditions, even their numerical system was made new.

They created the Specialists from the workers they imported, an eventual total of 16 different types of people to serve the masters of the world. Those were also subdivided into other groups. For example, the Administrators included Administrators, Technicians, Medicals, etc.

Since they maintained a technological culture, they soon began to spread out to other worlds, through gates that took them directly to the surface of the selected planets.

The Citizens were also heavily genetically engineered, and a question eventually rose as to whether they could survive without the Specialists. An experiment was devised, in which they would put down 5000 of their own children on another planet and watch to see how well they survived.

Irenio maintained a form of democracy. Any major changes had to be voted on and approved by a majority of the adult citizens. They voted on the experiment and it was approved by a slim margin.

The Demons Bay world:

A planet was chosen and the Specialists were sent ahead to set up the infrastructure--roads, manufacturing, cities all ready to be occupied. They worked from the undersea city known as Remdin, where the first gate had been established.

Some years after the project began, when the first of the children intended for this world were just reaching adulthood, a recall vote ended the project. A group of Soldiers with Administrator supervisors was sent through to kill the Citizen children. The Specialists were to be diverted to other projects.

The Citizen children made the decision to close the Gate and seal it. This was always referred to as the first Demon War. The second Demon War started many years later, when Irenio decided to reclaim the planet. Again they sent Soldiers and Administrators through, and this time their tactics worked. They killed millions, both blod and Clan, leaving the ground carpeted with bodies in some areas. They also fought against the dragons, all of which retreated to another continent.

They were eventually destroyed and the survivors driven back through the gate, but only a few years after they abandoned their campaign the water along the shore in the Remdin Sea began to burn anyone who touched it. Tests showed that it was only water, but genetic changes and mutations were also noticed that seemed to be linked to the poison's spread. As the burn crept along the shore, the whole world combined to move soil to the mouth of the Remdin Sea, taking most of the Narge Peninsula (which had been utterly destroyed during the war) and several other polar islands to fill in that gap so that the poison would not reach the open ocean and infect the rest of the world. At this time the area around the Demons Bay was evacuated and Remdin Undersea was abandoned.

The corruption continued to spread around the shore of the isolated body of water now known as the Demons Bay, spreading 200 to 300 miles in from the shore, leaving the center of the Bay clean.

Over time the power of the Bay spread throughout the world. Eventually people learned to use that power, eclipsing the spirit powers of the native ameso as well as the weaker "nature" power that flowed from every living thing.

Some 5000 years after the gate was first closed, Irenio again made an attempt to reclaim this planet, resulting in the third Demon War. By this time the blod and Clans (specialists) were irrevocably inter-bred, with traces of ameso, wyre and several other races including Dragon.

The result was not what the Irenio expected.


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