There are three primary Clans throughout most of history: Artisons, Landers and Builders.

However, other Clans exist and were part of the original Specialist groups. The Clans that were brought to this planet are listed below. The belief is that the clans were designed to care for the blod - this is literally true. Also true is the fact (unsuspected) that each clan carries the "blueprint" for every other clan. Given sufficient need, they will adapt and children will be born as pure blood of a particular clan. An example of this: If those who perform the function of Gardeners (known as Landers) are not there to take these positions, children will be born with the attributes of the Gardeners, regardless of their genetic heritage. Thus, Maintenance workers live in the Deeps since their environment requires extreme flexibility and strength. Builders were capable of taking up the tasks of the administrators, so that genetic strain died out. The tasks of the servants could be taken up by any of the clans, so there was no specific need for that clan either. If a situation arose where only that clan could fill a certain purpose, the clan would re-emerge.

All clans (with the exception of the Artisons, Maintenance and the Laborers) hold to a level of personal service. If not allowed or not able to serve the blod, many will die or go insane. Soldiers are the most extreme example of this--once they imprint on one of the blod, they must serve or die. If not allowed or not able to serve, they die. If they fail in their service, they die. If their Lord or Lady dies, they die. The extreme personal service focus in some areas is because of inbreeding with the Servant clan. The Artisons are artists, period. Art for the artists sake. They don't care who the art is destined for, as long as they can perform.

Citizens / blod 5000 in the original population, none related. The blod run the gamut in hair and skin color, but their eyes are always some variation of blue. Part-blod may have eyes matching the Clan parent, the blod parent, or any combination of the two.

Administrators Only 1000 in the original population. Responsible for overall maintenance and administration. They are generally smaller and weaker than the rest of the specialists. They coordinate the efforts of the other clans. They are designed for a sedentary lifestyle, with high metabolism and easily maintained muscle structure. Their eyes are white (no color in the iris) and highlights (skin and hair) are also white. They retained their clan purity (refused to mix with the other Clans) and died out within three generations. The only remnants are a few who chose to marry into other clans--3 documented.

Artists or Artisons 10,000 in the original population. Performing and visual arts. Generally very strong(even by Clan standards), they are thin and dark, their hair white, with green eyes. No highlights. They have an extremely high metabolism and are physically incapable of carrying excess fat. When the clans spread out, they moved to their own area of the world, elected a King and established their own culture. The King "owns" all of his people and all resources, but is technically an elected official. They strongly discourage intermarriage with the other clans, leading to a high rate of birth defects. Since their focus is art for its own sake, they have very little concern if they don't have one of the blod to serve.

Builders 40,000 in the original population. They create and maintain the framework, building and designing cities--construction workers, architects, engineers, etc. Their skin is mid-toned to light, hair of various colors from light brown to black. Light colored eyes (gray or brown) are not uncommon. The highlights (skin and hair) are silver. Some believe that they are actually two clans, one physically much smaller (for maintenance of existing infrastructure). Each culture uses Builders in some way. Even the Artisons, although in the Artison culture the Builders have no standing. As they are not property of the King, they also have no call on him for food, shelter, or justice.

Landers or Gardeners 40,000 in the original population. Work with the natural world—biologists, farmers, veterinarians, etc. They are dark to medium skinned, with straight black hair and dark gray eyes. They are usually very strong, with long bodies and short legs. The highlights (skin and hair) are green. Each culture uses Gardeners (or Landers) in some way. Even the Artisons, although in the Artison culture the Landers have no standing. As they are not property of the King, they also have no call on him for food, shelter, or justice.

Maintenance None in the original population. However, rumors persist that groups matching the general description are living in various cave complexes, particularly in the Deeps. Because of their physical attributes, they are peculiarly adapted to cave living. They are normally responsible for maintenance once the infrastructure specialists have left. The builders took up these functions since there were no Maintenance staff available. There is no "Personal service" requirement. Skin is pigmented white--they are not albino. Hair is also pigmented white, although their eyes are pure black and no white shows. About 50% have a severe allergy to sunlight. Size varies more than the other clans, and their bones (other than the skull) are very flexible. Hard muscle holds the bones in their rigid formation when necessary, but they can move through narrow spaces and get out of places where most would get stuck. There is also a belief that they might be capable of using a form of sonar to find their way in the dark.

Servants 1000 in the original population. Designed for personal and daily contact with the Blod. This group includes the nursery attendants, personal servants, maids and valets, etc. On Irenio they were nearly always specially designed to fit the d├ęcor and personality of the particular citizen that they would be assigned to, so their appearance varies. All have purple eyes. The only servants here were the 1000 nursery attendants. As a clan they were integrated into the other clans within 2 generations. This accounts for some of the obsessive "personal service" attitude among the clans.

Soldiers 1 in the original population. They were originally designed as bodyguards. Their visual and auditory range is much wider than the rest of the Clans. Visual extends into the ultraviolet and x-ray. Vocal range matches their auditory range. They bond with the blod to such an extent that they will die if "their" citizen dies. Fiercely territorial and protective. They are small and dark, highlights are black. Their eyes are completely dark--no whites visible--and easily adapt to light or darkness. There was only one Soldier with the initial population, and he died before the inter-clan breeding restrictions were relaxed. He was the military control during the first invasion (the first Demon War). Soldiers were reintroduced when two Citizens were exiled from Irenio and chose this world as their new home.

Teachers 1,000 in the original population. Master generalists. They are a combination of the other clans, since they are required to interact and work with (train) each group. They have been fully integrated into the other Clans. Since the Teachers include genetic duplicates of all the other Clans, they were able to integrate without unnecessary fireworks.

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