Because of the mutagenic properties of the Demons Bay and the power it generates, a number of different races have developed. Others are either native or imported. Forgive me if some are missing--I'm still discovering them as I explore the cultures.

Ameso: The only native intelligence, they are natural shape-shifters that can take any shape, animate or inanimate, as long as it is within a certain range (about 20%) of their own mass. Their children spend apx 80 years in a "larval" state as a bubble of protein on the ocean floor before they can shift into their adult shape. They have a great deal of control over their adult form, from the number of fingers and toes to the shape of the eyes. With this ability, some have chosen to take a more "human" shape so that they can blend in with the human population

Dragons: Non-native, present when humans arrived from Irenio. They are, again, shape-changers. The primary form is a traditional dragon, the secondary form is similar to the native animal used as a horse but with sharper claws, a predator's teeth and slit-pupiled eyes. When the ameso fled the Remdin Sea running from the humans, the dragons took them in. The dragon continent is called eAmesoS, or the ameso homeland. It is rigorously patrolled by the dragons and no human ships are allowed near its shores.

Humans: Imported from Irenio

Mer: Believed to be the descendants of humans trapped on small islands in the Demons Bay, the Mer are a combination of human and fish. Some are born with gills, some with lungs. Some with legs, some with fins, some with a combination of the two (which looks rather strange). They are NOT ameso, nor are they shape-shifters. Those mer children born who are not able to breathe in water live on the islands in the Bay.

Wyre: A small group of humans living on the shore of the Demons Bay refused to be evacuated and hid when armies came to remove them. Their descendants are the Wyre. Shape-shifters, they can shift into only one shape. The shapes are often specific to families, and are native animals. Because they live along the shores of the Demons Bay, one of the worst nightmares of a family would be one of their children taking the shape of a fish. The first change usually occurs some time around puberty or shortly before.

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