Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Losing One

I was working on the triage edit for Daughter of Stone the other day, and I realized that it needs more work than I can put into it right now.

It's going to be shelved, at least for the near term. Sad, but I have so many other projects I can work on. I'll get back to it eventually, because I really like the story, but the original is probably twenty years old (the newer version is closer to ten) and I still don't even have the basic storyline the way I want it. Every time I go back to it I'm making major changes, which take time and effort that I could be putting into other things. Worse, every time I go back to it I realize just how bad the writing is. It will have to be completely re-written.

Time to put it aside for a while.

I feel like I'm losing something, even though I'll keep the story. I don't like giving up.

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