Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sample Pages Updated

Finally I've got the subdomains on my website working correctly so you won't be taken to my business website when you just want to read samples. I'll keep working on it, and developing it, but for now you can see the sample pages without being innundated by stuff you don't want.

Have fun!


Donna K. Weaver said...

Yay. Progress, right? Girl, how do you manage so many blogs? The thought makes me dizzy.

Lauren said...

Only three of them are really active. I've been learning about the short-comings of blogger for a while. I kept finding things I wanted to display but not to everyone, so I created an "invisible" blog (which really isn't invisible but isn't officially published). The "other worlds" blog will continue, but as a go-between because blogspot only allows a certain number of pages. From there everything goes to my website. So I have my "writers" blog, my "readers" blog and my alternative healing blog. If I post on each once a week, that's easy.