Monday, February 4, 2013

Reading Habits

Today I'm reading. Probably Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I have The Littles and Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle for backups if Harold fails me. :) I wanted to read The Blue Sword, but I can't find my copy. *Sob*

Sometimes I just like to read. Anything and everything. Last night I started reading some of my old, unfinished stories and I still like them. They're in a big folder on my desk, but they're old versions. Someday when I have a few pennies to spare I need to print out new versions so I can chortle over them.

This is what I read last night

along with brief forays into The Stars are Ours, The Star Beast, Freckles, Jayhawk and a few more. I sat in front of one of my book-cases, pulling out books at random, and finally decided to read Daddy's Little Girl (Mary Higgins Clark).

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