Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Launch

Finally, Without A Voice is on the (virtual) shelves. I'm cheering inside, trying very hard to restrain my glee so that I can pretend to be a rational human being for a few hours.

Book launch. This is just weird.

It feels strange to be here, having a book published. I've worked toward this for most of my life, but once again it was a matter of choice--move forward, or stay stagnant. I chose to move forward. So now the world has Without A Voice, a religious contemporary suspense novella about a young woman whose past has caught up with her.

Book Trailer

About the book:

Don’t put yourself on the grid. No credit cards, new name, new city. Few friends, no family. Connections of any kind are a risk.

Five years ago Mae left Justin in Orlando. Never again will she cower, wondering who he'll hurt next. She's done letting him punish her.

Now she has real friends, people she cares about, a life worth living. After years of relative peace she's gotten complacent, relaxed her guard. Somehow, he's found her.

There’s nowhere you can go.

Once she could have run and been certain Justin would leave those she loved alone. But he's changed. Justin is the whisper in the dark, a shadow on the street, the phantom no one sees.

You are mine. I will never stop.

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Smashwords (for everything else)

**I'm afraid that as of today the book is not yet up on Barnes & Noble, although it is up on Kobo and has been sent to Sony, Apple, Diesel and Page Foundry. I thought submitting the book a week in advance would be sufficient. Live and learn. Also please note that The Storyteller has two versions up on Amazon--the plagiarized version is still up. If you want a copy of this and you use a Kindle, please let me know in the comments and I'll send a free copy.

***Help me spread the word, and if you like Without A Voice please leave a review.

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