Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wyre-rat (Episode 2)

Even as a human I couldn't have unlatched it, so at least for the moment, I was stuck.

Whoever decided rats should have fur was either deranged or had no imagination. Rats squirm and roll through all kinds of things, and whatever gets in that fur ends up on me when I change back to my own shape. No wonder I stink. Although to be fair, I don't think the creator was concerned about shape-shifters when he created rats.

I squirmed through the trash, looking for a spot to sleep that wasn't slimy, crunchy or painful.

No such luck. I ended up sleeping on a pile of old newspapers that I dragged from underneath the pile with my teeth. The half-rotted food underneath soaked through and into my fur. Yuck.

I woke to stealthy noises in the alley. Not the sounds made by those who chase naked and dangerous humans, and even less the noises made by those who set traps for exceptionally large rats.

This was something else, and my instincts dug me further into the rotting garbage. I strained to hear, to understand their words, but there were no words. These worked in silence, which didn't bode well for me.

I heard a faint clang as one of them touched the side of the dumpster. A low word that I didn't recognize. The faint rattle of a latch. With my single visible eye I watched the sky appear. Stars, barely obscured by light. Early morning, probably around three or four.

Hands reached into the dumpster, and this time I heard faint but familiar expressions of disgust. Well I could understand that one, at least.

I curled all my feet under me, waiting for my chance.

A hand touched my fur and I erupted from my hiding place, going for the man's face with claws and teeth. He jerked back as I'd expected, tumbling to the ground, and I was over the edge of the dumpster and running before his companion could react.

It took me that long to realize that these had come prepared. The entrance to the alley was blocked, the only possible exit a space at the bottom that led into a deeper dark.

I spun, saw the same arrangement at the far end.

They thought they had me trapped.

If I'd been in human form I might have grinned.

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