Friday, March 8, 2013


I finished another short, called Parallel. This one is straight Sci-fi (unless you live in the 20th century, in which case the lines blur) and only a little over 8000 words.

I had a little bit written, or at least a hint of it. I've been trying to go through my old stories and get them all categorized correctly. This was a takeoff from a story called Chivd (Pronounced shift, at least a decade old) in which three different worlds had developed because of one decision. In all three a disease hit humanity that had four out of five people dying.

In the first universe (or world) the people moved into space and through gates to other worlds, pretty much evacuating Earth except for those who were already infected.

In the second universe the man responsible for the evacuation effort had died as a child (drunk driver) but another had survived to become a biologist who created the vaccine that saved humanity.

In a third (a break-off from the second) the one that Parallel is based on, the biologist had chosen to do something else with his life and the "father of space" had died in that car crash. So they had no options.

It's all about decisions.

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